Susan’s kitchen in Pine 2

By | August 10, 2017

A few nice Beautiful classic kitchen design images I found:

Susan’s kitchen in Pine 2
Beautiful classic kitchen design
Image by Elves and Angels Wholesale
Susan’s Kitchen – in Native White Pine

The NEW Susan’s Kitchen is now available in Native White Pine.
Aesthetically beautiful, and timeless design, it will keep it’s good looks for generations.
Susan’s Kitchen is a classic Elves and Angels design, that offers your child hours of imaginative play.
It comes with a lovely two shelf hutch-top, that gives lots of space to store all those pretty dishes.
With a 4 Burner cook top, metal sink, and cut out window oven, it’s the perfect play space for your child age 2-8.

Finished with Non-toxic Natural Linseed Oil finish.

Size 38" Tall, 24" Wide, 12" Deep.

Maine Made America’s Best!

Grocery Design Rendering | Cheese Counter Design | Delicatessen Decor Design | Raley’s Fine Foods
Beautiful classic kitchen design
Image by I-5 Design & Manufacture
I-5 Design and Manufacture designed the interior and exterior of the Raley’s Fine Foods Market in Yuba City, California. For the cheese area of the market, I-5 designed a custom overhead trellis structure with grape vines intertwined with the ironwork on top to create a classic winery feel. Behind the cheese counter you see a ‘Delicatessen’ section that was also designed to tie into the winery feel with a custom sepia tone wall mural of a beautiful vineyard landscape. Click here to see more examples of grocery decor

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