Snowshill Manor (NT) 10-08-2013

By | March 11, 2018

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Snowshill Manor (NT) 10-08-2013
traditional kitchen
Image by Karen Roe
Snowshill Manor near Broadway in Gloucestershire, is a Cotswold Manor and built from traditional yellow stone and home to a fine collection of everyday objects collected by Charles Wade, with over 22,000 items in this eclectic collection. The collection consists of costumes, of which there are 2000 pieces, Samurai armour, children’s toys, bicycles, musical instruments to fine clocks and many more unusual and extraordinary treasures, thousands of objects are laid out for you to see just as Mr Wade intended.

“Let nothing perish” was his motto, and his life was dedicated to doing just that. From the everyday to the extraordinary, you can discover his passion for craftsmanship, colour and design.

Charles Wade originated from Yoxford in Suffolk, where he was a craftsman and architect, but lived a number of years in the Priest’s House whilst arranging his massive collection of objects from 1900 until 1951 when the National Trust was given the Manor.

The manor has been through many changes throughout the years, with the main part of the house standing since 1500, with major works taking place in 2004.

The terraced, 2 acre, hillside garden surrounds the manor and is in the style of the Arts and Crafts era, divided into different rooms, each containing various architectural features and including pond areas, which are a haven for insects and wildlife. There is also a Kitchen garden and large vegetable plot, the vegetables from which are used in the restaurant.

ACS “Fun & Easy Korean Cooking Class” – U.S.Army Garrison Humphreys – 31 October 2012
traditional kitchen
Image by USAG-Humphreys
Click here to learn more about Camp Humphreys

U.S.Army photos by Victoria Choi

By Victoria Choi
USAG Humphreys Public Affairs

CAMP HUMPHREYS – Family members here had a chance to experience making authentic Korean food, kimbab, at the Army Community Service “Fun & Easy Korean Cooking Class,” Oct. 31. The class is held monthly at the Family Readiness Center (Bldg. 1127) kitchen classroom.

Wang, Kyong, an ACS program assistant who instructed the class this time, purchased products in the Humphreys Commissary and prepared all the ingredients beforehand. The class participants showed up at 11 a.m., and by that time the rice was cooked, eggs were fried and cut into long strips, and the spinach, carrots and cucumbers were washed, cut and stir fried.

When the class started, everybody gathered around the table where the ingredients were settled. Wang explained what kimbab means (‘kim’ – seaweed, ‘bab’ – rice) and showed the students how to make it. After the demonstration, the spectators tasted the kimbab and were encouraged to make one themselves.

Lauren Kindelt, an Army wife, liked the class and said that she had a lot of fun.

“We got to make kimbab and found out what it meant in Korean and what the traditional ingredients are,” she said. “I will try to cook it at home. The ingredients are fairly easy – they are all stuff that we could find at the commissary. It will be easy to make it at home. And I would recommend this class to my friends. It was a lot of fun. You only get to go to Korea for a short period and classes like these are an experience. Take every opportunity you can.”

According to Wang, the October class saw a large turnout compared to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) season in the summer. Wang also said that she enjoyed sharing Korean food with the attendees.

“I think a lot of people know how to make kimbab now; instead of buying it, they can make it from a scratch. Preparing is a lot of work, but making it is very fun,” she added.

The next “Fun & Easy Korean Cooking Class” is scheduled for Nov. 28, starting at 11 a.m., also at the FRC. The class will feature Sweet Rice Pancakes, a Korean traditional desert.

For more information about this class, call 753-8401.

Euston Park Rural Pastimes Event 2013
traditional kitchen
Image by Dave Catchpole
Euston Park Rural Pastimes Event 2013
9th June 2013
Celebrating 22 Years!

A traditional, English Country Fair for all the family.

Has now been held every June for 22 years. It began as a fundraising show for our local Blackbourne Churches and St Nicholas’ Hospice Care with the kind permission of our President The Duke of Grafton, who allowed the event to be held in the magnificent setting of Euston Park.

Together with John Farrow (the farm manager at that time) and Tim Fogden we set up a volunteer committee, which has continued to run this successful one day Show. We have raised over £400,000 for our causes over the years.

The programme has been broadly similar each year, but with increasing entries the demand for space has required more parking and display areas. A new entrance between the stationary engines and stalls, leads past the traction engines to the new Grafton Ring specifically for tractors.

The main Norfolk Ring has a constant programme of events, displays, demonstrations and parades. It is surrounded by band music, a busy tea tent and further stalls. Leading past the Craft Tent, the Suffolk Ring is home to a large display of Heavy Horses. Nearby is the start of the hugely popular Farm Rides. It has also been associated with a magnificent display of flowers in Euston Church.

There are several catering outlets, but the most popular are the excellent lunches served in the Hall kitchen.

Keeping very much to the same format we hope to continue to attract the numbers, which filled the car park completely last year.

What to see:
Rural Crafts
Countryside Area
Steam Engines (Traction Engines, Road Roller, Commercial and Public Service Vehicles)
Heavy Horses
Classic and Vintage Cars
Stationary Engines
Three Show Rings (Norfolk, Suffolk & Grafton) featuring many display throughout the day.
This year featuring The Devil’s Horsemen Cossack display

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