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By | February 24, 2018

Check out these traditional kitchen images:

Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014
traditional kitchen
Image by Dave Catchpole
Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014
8th June 2014
Celebrating 23 Years!

A traditional, English Country Fair for all the family.

Has now been held every June for 23 years. It began as a fundraising show for our local Blackbourne Churches and St Nicholas’ Hospice Care with the kind permission of our President The Duke of Grafton, who allowed the event to be held in the magnificent setting of Euston Park.

Together with John Farrow (the farm manager at that time) and Tim Fogden we set up a volunteer committee, which has continued to run this successful one day Show. We have raised over £450,000 for our causes over the years.

The programme has been broadly similar each year, but with increasing entries the demand for space has required more parking and display areas. A new entrance between the stationary engines and stalls, leads past the traction engines to the new Grafton Ring specifically for tractors.

The main Norfolk Ring has a constant programme of events, displays, demonstrations and parades. It is surrounded by band music, a busy tea tent and further stalls. Leading past the Craft Tent, the Suffolk Ring is home to a large display of Heavy Horses. Nearby is the start of the hugely popular Farm Rides. It has also been associated with a magnificent display of flowers in Euston Church.

There are several catering outlets, but the most popular are the excellent lunches served in the Hall kitchen.

Keeping very much to the same format we hope to continue to attract the numbers, which filled the car park completely last year.

What to see:
Rural Crafts
Countryside Area
Steam Engines (Traction Engines, Road Roller, Commercial and Public Service Vehicles)
Heavy Horses
Classic and Vintage Cars
Stationary Engines
Three Show Rings (Norfolk, Suffolk & Grafton) featuring many display throughout the day.
This year featuring The Knights of the Damned jousting display team.
Performing in a fantastic, coloured costumed display of Medieval Jousting at its very best. Consisting of heroic mounted knights and their squires and enhanced by our own commentator the tournament begins with fanfares and introductions and ends with the dramatic thundering of hooves as the knights attempt to unhorse each other in the ‘JOUST’. Watch as the knights hone their skills by striking the man-shaped target, the quintain, and attempt to spear peasants heads off the ground at speed. The show also boasts superbly choreographed foot fights with unmerciless swords, flaming fireballs on chains and unyielding quarterstaffs as well as the knights romantically accepting favours from the ladies and fighting for their honour.

traditional kitchen
Image by marketing deluxe
Alpiner Schick, moderner Lifestyle und Salzburger Gastlichkeit im bekannten Salzburger Land

Der GROSSARLER HOF im Salzburger Land ist so einzigartig wie die Natur, die ihn umgibt. Das familiär geführte und im Chalet-Stil gehaltene 4-Sterne-Superior Hotel befindet sich in einem der schönsten Alpentäler Österreichs. In bester Lage, nur wenige Meter von den Großarler Bergbahnen entfernt und am Fuße der Skischaukel Großarl-Dorfgastein, bietet das im Dezember 2009 eröffnete Hotel 49 Zimmer & Suiten. Im Sommer ist der GROSSARLER HOF bester Ausgangspunkt zum Wandern, Nordic Walking, Mountainbiken und Radfahren während das Tal und die Ache auch ein Paradies zum Jagen, Wild beobachten und Fliegen fischen ist – um nur einige der unzähligen Freizeitmöglichkeiten zu nennen.

Der GROSSARLER HOF überzeugt mit Engagement für Authentizität und einer zeitgenössischen Interpretation von regionaler Tradition. Das manifestiert sich in der Verwendung von heimischen Hölzern sowie Stein, Filz und Loden. Diese ausgesuchten Naturmaterialien, handwerkliches Können und die Verpflichtung zu traditioneller Gastfreundschaft sind die Symbole eines wunderschönen Hotels mit Rund-um-Wohlfühl-Faktor und einzigartigem Flair – ganz ohne Kitsch!

Entspannende Genussmomente erlebt man im Erlenreich Relax & Spa. Der Alpin-Spa steht ganz im Zeichen der Erle, die der Legende nach dem Ort Großarl und somit auch dem Hotel-Spa ihren Namen gegeben hat. Die GROSSARLER HOF Küche verbindet gekonnt kulinarische Tradition mit qualitativ hochwertigen Produkten aus der Region. Das Ergebnis sind exquisite Gerichte voller Geschmack und Frische. Besonders empfehlenswert: die innovativen Wildspezialitäten aus der ersten Pongauer Genussregion von Walter Viehhauser.

Geöffnet von Mai bis Oktober, Dezember bis April


marketing deluxe
Claudia Reichenberger
Wopfnerstraße 9
6130 Schwaz, Austria
T: +43 5242 61115

Alpine chic, cosmopolitan lifestyle and traditional hospitality in the famous Salzburger Land
The GROSSARLER HOF in the Salzburger Land is as inimitable as its environment. Located in one of the most spectacular Alpine valleys in all of Austria this family-run four star superior hotel with 49 rooms & suites was built in an opulent Chalet style – opened in December 2009. The GROSSARLER HOF is situated just a few metres from the Grossarl panoramic mountain railway and at the foot of the interconnected ski area Grossarl-Dorfgastein with direct access to the Salzburger Land ski amadé. During summer the GROSSARLER HOF is an optimal starting point for hiking, Nordic walking or mountain biking, whilst the valley and the River Ache are paradise for hunting, game watching and fly fishing – to name but a few of the countless leisure options.

The GROSSARLER HOF convinces with its commitment to authenticity and its contemporary take on local traditions, manifested in the use of reclaimed timber, rare local stone as well as felt and Loden. These sought after materials, expert craftsmanship and total commitment to traditional hospitality have resulted in a gorgeous destination hotel with an all round feel good factor, unique flair and – no Kitsch!

Unlimited unwinding awaits at the Erlenreich Relax & Spa, named after the alder tree which is closely connected to the area – legend has that already the valley and the village were named after an alder tree. The GROSSARLER HOF Hof kitchens bring together regional culinary traditions and high quality local produce, resulting in exquisite dishes bursting with flavour and freshness. Look out for the innovative game dishes, prepared from deer in hotel managed forests.

Open from May to October & December to April

Photo credit: GROSSARLER HOF


marketing deluxe
Claudia Reichenberger
Wopfnerstraße 9
6130 Schwaz/Austria
T +43 5242 61115

Snowshill Manor (NT) 10-08-2013
traditional kitchen
Image by Karen Roe
Snowshill Manor near Broadway in Gloucestershire, is a Cotswold Manor and built from traditional yellow stone and home to a fine collection of everyday objects collected by Charles Wade, with over 22,000 items in this eclectic collection. The collection consists of costumes, of which there are 2000 pieces, Samurai armour, children’s toys, bicycles, musical instruments to fine clocks and many more unusual and extraordinary treasures, thousands of objects are laid out for you to see just as Mr Wade intended.

“Let nothing perish” was his motto, and his life was dedicated to doing just that. From the everyday to the extraordinary, you can discover his passion for craftsmanship, colour and design.

Charles Wade originated from Yoxford in Suffolk, where he was a craftsman and architect, but lived a number of years in the Priest’s House whilst arranging his massive collection of objects from 1900 until 1951 when the National Trust was given the Manor.

The manor has been through many changes throughout the years, with the main part of the house standing since 1500, with major works taking place in 2004.

The terraced, 2 acre, hillside garden surrounds the manor and is in the style of the Arts and Crafts era, divided into different rooms, each containing various architectural features and including pond areas, which are a haven for insects and wildlife. There is also a Kitchen garden and large vegetable plot, the vegetables from which are used in the restaurant.

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