Nice Traditional Kitchen photos

By | February 19, 2018

Some cool traditional kitchen images:

Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014
traditional kitchen
Image by Dave Catchpole
Euston Rural Pastimes Event 2014
8th June 2014
Celebrating 23 Years!

A traditional, English Country Fair for all the family.

Has now been held every June for 23 years. It began as a fundraising show for our local Blackbourne Churches and St Nicholas’ Hospice Care with the kind permission of our President The Duke of Grafton, who allowed the event to be held in the magnificent setting of Euston Park.

Together with John Farrow (the farm manager at that time) and Tim Fogden we set up a volunteer committee, which has continued to run this successful one day Show. We have raised over £450,000 for our causes over the years.

The programme has been broadly similar each year, but with increasing entries the demand for space has required more parking and display areas. A new entrance between the stationary engines and stalls, leads past the traction engines to the new Grafton Ring specifically for tractors.

The main Norfolk Ring has a constant programme of events, displays, demonstrations and parades. It is surrounded by band music, a busy tea tent and further stalls. Leading past the Craft Tent, the Suffolk Ring is home to a large display of Heavy Horses. Nearby is the start of the hugely popular Farm Rides. It has also been associated with a magnificent display of flowers in Euston Church.

There are several catering outlets, but the most popular are the excellent lunches served in the Hall kitchen.

Keeping very much to the same format we hope to continue to attract the numbers, which filled the car park completely last year.

What to see:
Rural Crafts
Countryside Area
Steam Engines (Traction Engines, Road Roller, Commercial and Public Service Vehicles)
Heavy Horses
Classic and Vintage Cars
Stationary Engines
Three Show Rings (Norfolk, Suffolk & Grafton) featuring many display throughout the day.
This year featuring The Knights of the Damned jousting display team.
Performing in a fantastic, coloured costumed display of Medieval Jousting at its very best. Consisting of heroic mounted knights and their squires and enhanced by our own commentator the tournament begins with fanfares and introductions and ends with the dramatic thundering of hooves as the knights attempt to unhorse each other in the ‘JOUST’. Watch as the knights hone their skills by striking the man-shaped target, the quintain, and attempt to spear peasants heads off the ground at speed. The show also boasts superbly choreographed foot fights with unmerciless swords, flaming fireballs on chains and unyielding quarterstaffs as well as the knights romantically accepting favours from the ladies and fighting for their honour.

The Far Patio, Quinta San José, Caracas, 1966
traditional kitchen
Image by A.Davey
We returned to Quinta San José to find it almost unrecognizable after a horrific remodeling.

While the redo may have made the house more modern and convenient, it was no longer a colonial hacienda.

The changes to the area seen here are, as best I can determine: 1) the walls no longer had the traditional band of dark blue paint at the base; grass had replaced the broke concrete pavement; the wall separating the residential patio from the kitchen patio had been removed; one or more trees had been taken out; and rounded doorways had either replaced the authentic rectangular openings or had been cut through walls where no doors had been before.

After we left Quinta San José, the lovely old colonial hacienda house that was our home Caracas, the owners, members of Venezuela’s oligarchy, carried out an extensive remodeling of the house.

The next tenant was to be the president of Venezuela’s leading ice cream company, Helados EFE.

Of course, the remodeling forever destroyed Quinta San José’s architectural integrity as an example of a colonial Venezuelan hacienda house.

In 1966, on our way to our new home in Bogotá, we paid a brief visit to our old home.

This undated photo has a stamp on the rear that reads" "ODUPERLY MEDELLIN" I assume the photo store in Bogotá sent the film to Medellín to be developed and/or printed. (A quick Web search suggests the firm is still in business or has been within the past decade.)

My original scan of an original non-digital image to which I own all rights.

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