Nice Traditional Kitchen photos

By | December 29, 2017

Check out these traditional kitchen images:

The Masamoto knife shop at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan…
traditional kitchen
Image by Nate Gray: A Culinary (Photo) Journal
Tokyo: The Masamoto knife shop (正本) in the outer part of Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場) sells traditional carbon steel knives (hocho / 包丁) including sashimi knives (刺身包丁) such as willow blades (yanagiba / 柳刃) and octopus slicers (takohiki / 蛸引き), fish carving knives (deba bocho / 出刃包丁), eel knives (unagi saki / 鰻裂き), vegetable knives (usuba 薄刃 / nakiri 菜切), giant tuna knives (maguro bocho / 鮪包丁) a.k.a oroshi or hancho hocho, soba noodle knives (soba kiri / 蕎麦切), general purpose kitchen knives (santoku / 三徳) and Western-style knives (gyuto / 牛刀) some with traditional Japanese handles (wa-gyuto / 和牛刀).

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Traditional Granite Kitchen
traditional kitchen
Image by ArchCityGranite

Moghrabieh-Traditional Plaestinian Dish-54
traditional kitchen
Image by hisham_assaad
Maftoul is a Palestinian tradition that few know about and still do to this day. I remember the time when my grandmother used to make maftoul for the huge moghrabieh pot we cook. Mom and grandma (her mother-in-law) used to sit next to low tables with wide round shallow pots and roll the cracked wheat for hours with flour, yeast, water and oil till they get satisfactory pearls. They used to keep us busy while they work by giving us a pot with the ingredients and ask us to roll some. It was fun getting messy with our hands.

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