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By | August 11, 2017

Check out these best bathroom designs images:

Grand Venetian
best bathroom designs
Image by XT Inc.
Such a tormenting experience with this damn bathroom. The open floor plan of this penthouse is beautiful to capture, but often presents challenges, as you are forced to simultaneously work with a bunch of light levels in different rooms.

In particular, I was faced with nailing the light in the bathroom, office room in the background, as well the outdoors. In other words, I was working with 3 layers within one scene. I kept bugging the owners to prepare for capturing this bathroom at night, but they assured me it looked much better in the daytime. I was a tad stubborn at first. I was focused on a nighttime capture with the shower rainfall pouring from the bathroom ceiling.

So, this was another challenge; finding a way to make the rainfall visible. At night, the outdoor backdrop was very dark; the waterfall just happened to align perfectly with the black background, so the water dropping down blended in with the darkness. Same issue during the day, only the background was bright white, and again the waterfall was nearly impossible to see. Besides that, this shower was designed as a steam room, so cold and hot water alike would fog up the shower windows. Also water would splash all over the glass. I was giving myself hell trying to make this work.

After several trail-and-error sessions, I began to refocus my gears, changing the gameplan to capture the bathroom with no waterfall, and during the day as the owners recommended. As a result, the architecture became the hero of the image, not the functionality of the bathroom. Ahh, but that waterfall is such an awesome feature. Though, I am glad I decided to let it go and find another idea that worked.

Xynn Tii

best bathroom designs
Image by uberculture
Even the bathrooms at the library are designed well.


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