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By | October 19, 2017

Check out these best bathroom designs images:

Mei Fu Antibacterial Lotion
best bathroom designs
Image by ToastyKen
In the for-pay amenities corner of my hotel bathroom in Guilin:

"Man use only"

"Specially designed for the health of man’s genitals. Used for relieving the itching, klling germs and usual nursing of the private parts. Please apply to genital area gently. Rinse well with water."

Something tells me that if you’re using this, you had better be buying the underwear with free condom from the last photo instead.

The best part is that the "Woman use only" one on the right has the exact same description (swapping "woman" for "man"), and it has the exact same active ingredient (Benzalkonium Bromide).

Image from page 454 of “The English house, how to judge its periods and styles” (1909)
best bathroom designs
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: cu31924015352796
Title: The English house, how to judge its periods and styles
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: Sparrow, Walter Shaw, 1862-
Subjects: Architecture, Domestic Architecture
Publisher: New York, J. Lane Co.
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Text Appearing Before Image:
lainly what you need ? Sothe architect goes home in fine feather, carryingthe approved designs with him. At dinner you repeat to your wife what youremember of the architects description, only tofind that it is received in a silence filled withquestions to be spoken. For an English house-wife is a critic in these matters, keen and quick,arriving at clear judgments while her husbandtalks about non-essentials. It is not for nothingthat architects fear an English housewife. Lether see any home, and she will describe itaccurately, noting every point in it, both goodand bad. She seems to have an eye in everynerve, and a good ounce of common sense inevery criticism. That is why your wife listenscoldly, and then probes your mind with questions: 1. What distance separates the kitchen fromthe dining-room ? 2. Is the kitchen well ventilated, or will itdrive cook to give notice in summer ? 3. Is the hall a passage-way for servants, orcan the front door be reached without passingthrough the hall ?

Text Appearing After Image:
On 1,. >- iH O ^ OS00N u O 2 •« ,^ ^ 5 T t>^ -^ t/1 O ii S o OJ 2 ^ ca o .-a >- M g: S O H a ^ (^ u B :S Q ° 3 CL W S oS u X lU ARCHITECTS AND CLIENTS 313 4. Did you note the thickness of each wall ? 5. Was the door in each room correctlyplaced, or would it make a draught with thewindow—a draught not to be escaped insummer with the window open ? 6. Could dear little Tom reach the nurserywindow if he stood on his rocking-horse ? Ifso, will the window be guarded ? 7. Is the painted dado four feet above thenursery floor, or will it invite baby to lick thepictures ? 8. Does the bathroom face the morning sun,and is it large enough to be convenient ? 9. Are there quite enough cupboards ?Many other questions are asked, and you have never a word to answer. There is one thingonly to be done—write for the plans, and whenthey arrive, do not place thiem on a table and askyour wife to study them with you. To do thatis to quarrel, for neither she nor you knowenough about architectu

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