Creating a vintage look for your bathroom

By | October 23, 2017

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Creating a vintage look for your bathroom
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The vintage look is certainly a popular one to adopt, and there are a great deal of elements and intricacies to consider when it comes to exactly what style you’re trying to recreate. Pebble Grey take you through some of the aspects of planning your perfect vintage bathroom.


Plan in advance

You probably already have a good idea about your own likes and dislikes when it comes to bathroom décor, and we’re specifically aiming to create a vintage look. So how do we take that from your mind to reality? The first step is to figure out exactly how much room there is with which to work. Now, that isn’t to suggest that it’s impossible to create a stylish and welcoming vintage bathroom with limited space. Only that resorting to some ingenuity in using the available space might be necessary.

The second thing to consider is exactly which style you prefer to emulate, as this will dictate the fittings and décor in which to seek out. Do you want a more rustic, old-fashioned style with authentic wooden furnishings and striking marble highlights? Or a fantastically vibrant 70s style room filled with bright complementary colours?

Decorative centrepiece


A particularly striking design choice in a vintage bathroom would be decorating your bathroom around one specific furnishing, so that it comes to function as the centrepiece of your bathroom. This can work regardless of the exact era you intend to replicate.

Authentic wooden panelling for either your floors or walls will make your bathroom feel much more inviting and warm over more clinical white bathroom tiles It will stand out beautifully, and won’t limit your available space by any significant amount. With traditional baths slowly taking a back seat to showers in the modern day, a claw-footed free-standing bath will also work in any vintage style as your centrepiece. That said, you can choose to customise this a little.

Most styles will fit in an old-fashioned bathroom, but a vibrant coloured bathtub can function as the centrepiece of a 70s style bathroom just as well. If you prefer this approach, you could also consider, instead of lots of collaborative colours – like pink and yellow together – having a mostly plain yet stylish bathroom, with the bath being central and standing out as your one dazzling splash of colour.


Make use of what you have

However, many houses simply don’t have the space to make such bold decorative statements. If you find yourself lacking in space for something like that, look elsewhere to draw attention. For example, an elevated-cistern toilet with pull chain can even add to the appeal of a vintage bathroom.

Storage can always be a concern when it comes to decorating a smaller bathroom, but there are still options available to you. Modern bathrooms often make use of reflective metals like chrome in their furnishings, so when planning your vintage design, look for copper and brass to fit perfectly. With that in mind, over a modern vanity unit, opt for a traditional pedestal sink flanked by coloured cabinets that complement the sink.

When it comes to designing, everyone will have a different idea of what will constitute their own perfect bathroom, so planning out the space and décor long in advance will ensure that you’re left with a room that is perfect for you.


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