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By | December 20, 2017

Check out these traditional kitchen images:

Kerala Ayurveda Homestay, Travel Ashtamudi
traditional kitchen
Image by peterwurst44
Ashirvad Ayurveda Homestay

The Department of Kerala Tourism has awarded the Title class A – diamond class for the homestay.
Here in the village Ashtamudi (same name as the lake) the house is located with fashionably furnished rooms with all essentials like own bathroom, shower etc.
Familiar atmosphere, the garden offers on more than 10 000 sq.m. (2,5 acres) a variety of herbs and vegetables, also many exotic trees can be found here. The view from the terraces and rooms of the house to the garden and the lake offers a magnificent panorama.


Located directly at the lake shore, this private dwelling lies in a quiet environment, overshadowed by many coconut palm trees. Nature offers a home for flora and fauna and the fish population in the lake. At dawn one can see the fisherman starting their work with the traditional chinese nets.

Possibilities and Proposals:

Recreation with Ayurveda oil massages and wellness in – house (specialized doctor and competent masseurs are available)
Internet access
Laundry service

Indian and international cuisine
Indian and european soft drinks
On demand initiation into Kerala cuisine and cooking together and explanation of Keralas herbs and spices, the kitchen is open to guests at all times.
Swimming in the lake directly from the garden
Guided walk through the village to experience the everyday life of village people – these are generally open and friendly.

How to reach:

According to request guests are picked up at airports or railway station. During the stay Kollam or surrounding area can be reached from Ashtamudi by urban bus, autoriksha, taxi or public passenger boat. The house is located near "Ashtamudi Government High School" and "Ashtajalarani English Medium School", the latter lies directly at Ashtamudi lake shore.

Educational trip:

Each year we organize a trip to India with small groups (max. 12 persons) and with guides competent in knowledge of country and language.


Stella Pathrose Fiedler und Peter Fiedler
Ashirvad House, Ashtamudi P.O,
Kollam – 691602, Kerala, India.
Mobile: + 91 944 7237985


Sears Closing in Elyria, Ohio
traditional kitchen
Image by Nicholas Eckhart
This area was the second and final home of the electronics section. The electronics section was removed fairly recently and the kitchen section was moved into its place. The old kitchen section is now blocked off.

This Sears store in Elyria, Ohio is closing in early September 2017.

The Midway Mall opened in 1966 with Higbee’s, Sears, JCPenney, and Woolworth as anchor stores. Over the years, Higbee’s became Dillard’s (then closed in 2007) and Woolworth became Best Buy. A new south wing was added to Midway Mall in 1990. That wing featured a May Company department store (later Kaufmann’s and Macy’s before closing in early 2016).

As of Summer 2017, the Sears department store is closing and the mall has just been sold for .25 million on July 12th. As of writing this, the buyer of the mall has yet to be known. The rumors for what happens to the mall next are all over the place; they range from a hospital complex to a hotel / casino complex to a giant mobile home park (obviously a joke)…

Hopefully something actually is done rather than letting the mall slowly die like Randall Park or Rolling Acres did. At least the occupancy in this mall has stabilized for the small stores over the last couple years instead of continuing downward. The department store closings seem to be the biggest drain on the mall; JCPenney is the last traditional department store left at the mall after the Sears closing.

I decided to post these 130 photos as the photos that bring me over 10,000 photo mark on Flickr. I chose this mall because it is my hometown mall.

Midway Mall – Elyria, Ohio

*Feel free to use this photo, or any others in this photostream, for any use that is non-commercial. Please make sure to provide credit for the photo(s). Please contact me at for questions or permission for commercial use.*

Hotel Yotel (Hell’s Kitchen)
traditional kitchen
Image by JasonParis
My room. Sorry, I mean cabin!

Yotel’s are based on the Japanese "pod" concept of hotels. The cabins are a little larger than pods, but still very small compared to traditional hotels. Airplane cabin designers were actually hired for this!

New York’s Yotel is North America’s only.

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