Chora Folklor museum, Xwra, Samothrace, Samothraki Chora

By | March 14, 2018

A few nice traditional kitchen images I found:

Chora Folklor museum, Xwra, Samothrace, Samothraki Chora
traditional kitchen
Image by dimsis
The Folklore Museum was founded a few years ago in Chora, on the initiative of the Municipality and of Samothraki’s Cultural Association. It exhibits various artifacts which compose the island’s cultural heritage. Thus, the visitor may see today at the building’s ground floor various exhibited artifacts, such as the tools of “Kechagia” (this is how the stock-breeder is called in Samothraki), agricultural tools, various tools for the processing of thread and the traditional loom with all of its accessories.

Going upstairs to the first floor of the Folklore Museum the visitor may see a representation of a Samothracian household with mixed features (both popular and urban). A single-spaced room including a kitchen, a living-room and a bedroom. The wooden “mesandra” of the early 20th century, a built-in wardrobe that was once present in all the houses of Samothraki, holds a prominent position. The walls are decorated by “marchamades” (silk and cotton woven towels) and plenty of photographs. The “corner” (kitchen) with the fireplace, the low round table and everything needed by a housewife to cook the meals. The living-room with the wooden couch and the small table (a piece of furniture one saw only in the houses of wealthy families). The iron bed of 1929 which is covered with a blanket of pure silk.

The Folklore Museum exhibits also traditional apparel. The man’s apparel consists of the tsirvoulia (shoes), the tights, the knickers, the belt, the shirt, the waistcoat, the Aba (coat) and the cap. The woman’s apparel is very plain but beautiful. A blue or red or green plain skirt with a belt of the well-known, striking, silver bulging buckles. On the head women wore a plain white kerchief as a veil which falls on the back and on the shoulders on top of their long hair.

The ravishing chests and the decorative dishes, most of which had come to the island from the coastline of Asia Minor. The collection of textiles is also rich with pure woollen handmade rugs, cotton mattresses, cotton-silk and silk pieces of clothing, the raw material of which was processed in Samothraki. Finally, the carved, wooden sanctuary screen (iconostasis) of the early 20th century with rare icons of the previous century, which were previously kept in the island’s churches. The sanctuary screen with the suspended oil lamp and the wreath case could be found in every Samothracian house.

The Folklore museum is situated near the church. It is open every day in summer.

PHONE NUMBER: 25510 41227

Kaiserslautern Schools track, field and MPR near completion
traditional kitchen
Image by USACE Europe District
The new track, sports field, grandstands, bus parking, playground and multipurpose room are nearing completion for use by the Kaiserslautern Raiders in Vogelweh, Germany April 11, 2013. The Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe project is 97 percent complete and will be ready for the DODDS-E track and field championships in late May. The state-of-the-art, all-weather running track surrounds a fully-lit turf soccer/football field. The field will require less water and maintenance than a traditional grass field. The project also includes a multipurpose room for the local elementary school. The MPR features a basketball court, rock climbing wall, performance stage and a fully-functional kitchen. In addition to this project, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District is working with DoDDS-E to build new 21st century high-, middle- and elementary schools on U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern, the largest U.S. community overseas. USACE is currently designing and building 21st century schools for DoDDS throughout Germany, Italy, Belgium and the U.S., for more information read the following article:… (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Jennifer Aldridge)

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