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By | August 11, 2017

A few nice best bathroom designs images I found:

An atlas
best bathroom designs
Image by niznoz
The doorway of the Hendrik Hudson Apartments, built 1907. Designed by Rouse & Sloan for developers George F. Johnson Jr., and Aleck Kahn.

Built as luxury apartments in 1907, and named, perhaps, in anticipation of the 300th anniversary of Hudson’s journey up the eponymous river in 1909. Originally the apartments featured "walnut paneling, wood-beamed ceilings, mahogany doors with glass knobs, and the latest designs in porcelain bathroom fittings" as well as "a billiard parlor, a cafe, a barber shop and a ladies’ hairdressing salon — all for the exclusive use of the building’s occupants and guests. Rents ranged from 00 to 00 a year."(1)

The building survived as a luxury rental through WWII before, with rent control, having it’s apartments broken up and being used as an SRO. Partially restored (but with no Barber Shop), it’s been a co-op since the 1970s.

(1) page 80 Luxury Apartment Houses of Manhattan: An Illustrated History . by Andrew Alpern. Dover Publications, NY. 1992.

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